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Pistachio tart

Pistachio are my favorite nuts right after hazelnuts. I love pistachio in all its forms and origins, but I have a slight preference for the Iranian ones and their very bold flavor. These are the ones I use here but 0bviously this recipe works with Californian or Sicilian pistachios.

This tart has three components: A tart shell, a pistachio praline and a pistachio pastry cream. I decided to only add a thin layer of pistachio praline under the pistachio pastry cream but feel free to indulge yourself with more !

I made a mini tart but you can definitely make a bigger one if you feel like sharing 🙂

Pistachio tart


Pistachio mini tart

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Sugar Pie dough

  • 230 g butter
  • 40 g almond flour
  • 140 g icing sugar
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 2 eggs
  • 420 g flour

Pistachio praline

  • 300 g shelled raw pistachios
  • 180 g sugar
  • 40 g water

Pistachio pastry cream

  • 350 g milk
  • 40 g whipping cream
  • 75 g pistachio praline
  • 60 g sugar
  • 20 g cornstarch
  • 20 g flour
  • 80 g egg yolks (4 egg yolks)
  • 120 g butter


Pistachio praline

  • Roast your pistachios in the oven for 15 min at 170C (340F). In a saucepan, heat together at medium heat your sugar and water. Heat until get a light brown color. If you want to be nerdy and are afraid of missing the right point, use a thermometer! The caramel should be at 185C (365F) . Pour onto the roasted pistachio. Wait until everything cools down before mixing in a food processor until you get a paste. You've got your praline!

Pistachio pastry cream

  • In a saucepan heat your milk and cream to a boil. In a separate bowl, whisk your egg yolks with sugar, before adding cornstarch and flour. Pour 1/3 of the hot milk in eggs. Whisk well and put back everything to pot with the 2/3 left. Heat everything together while continuously whisking. Whisk for 2 min after it starts to boil , this is to ensure that the eggs and flour are properly cooked. Remove from the heat. Add your butter and pistachio praline and mix with an immersion blender.Transfer in another recipient and protect it with plastic film. Let it cool down in the fridge for at least 2h.

Sugar pie dough

  • With your Stand mixer bowl, with the flat beater, whisk together almond, butter, icing sugar and salt at low speed. Once homogenous, Add the eggs one by one. Don't worry if there are still lumps they will disappear once we add flour. Add the flour little by little. The dough should NOT be smooth it should still be clumpy. Remove from the bowl and finish smoothing it out by hand. The reason why we are doing this? We want to make sure that we don't overknead our dough. Lots of bakers have trouble with their pie dough retracting when they bake it. It's actually because gluten activate and becomes elastic. If you knead it too long (even with the flat beater!) when baking, the dough will retract. Cover your dough and let it rest for at least 2 hours in the fridge.
  • You can either line the dough in a regular tart mould or line on a tart ring: Cut out 1/3 of the dough and keep in the fridge Spread the bigger part until desired thickness (for me 2‑3 mm) Cut the dough according to the size of tart ring Transfer the dough on tart ring on your parchment paper Spread the other part of the shortcrust dough until you get a 2‑3 mm thickness Cut into bands that are as large as the height of your ring (mould) Line onto your ring and the other part of the shortcrust. Make sure it is well lined, cut the sticking parts and very important: poke the dough with the fork everywhere. If you are unsure of the technique, Watch my video showing how to line a tart.
  • Bake in the oven at 170C (340F) for 20 minutes or until light brown. Remove the tart ring if you have one, bake for 10 more minutes to make sure the sides of the tart are being baked. Let your tart cool down for at least 30 minutes.


  • Pour pistachio praline at the bottom of the tart (careful , it's really good but the more you put, the sweeter your dessert will be) followed by pastry cream.


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[…] If you don’t have pistachio praline, there is a recipe for making it on this page. […]


Slightly confused here.

Pour pistachio praline at the bottom of the tart (careful , it’s really good but the more you put, the sweeter your dessert will be) followed by pastry cream.

The pastry cream has the praline as an ingredient. Are you holding back some of the praline to put on the base of the tart before adding the pastry cream?

Editing to add that I just realised the amount of praline made is more than 75g, so it’s clear now.

Last edited 2 years ago by Barry

5 stars
This is awesome. I really enjoyed making it. I’m just curious(definitely not an expert) but shouldn’t the caramel for praline be around 260 not 360?


Can the tart crust be frozen after baking.


5 stars
Hey – want to try this for Christmas 😍. How many mini tarts does the recipe produce? Would it be enough to make. One regular tarte?

Thank you so much