I am Saïd M’Dahoma, a French Comorian baker living in Calgary, Canada. I was born and raised in Paris, eating pastries all the time as I was working towards my PhD in Neuroscience. A few years ago, I got a research position in Canada, and before I realized it, I started missing French pastries so much, that I decided to start to bake my own. The only problem was: I haven’t had any interest in baking before, meaning my first pastries turned out to be a complete disaster!

I started reading blogs, books and watching hundreds of hours of  baking videos. I even used my scientific knowledge to improve my baking game. In the meantime, I made all the mistakes you could imagine so that I could master the art of patisserie. I got so passionate that I quit my career as a Neuroscientist to follow my passion for pastry. This led to me being named Foodie of the year in Western Canada in 2021, invited as a judge for CBC radio and selling my pastries at pop-up events.

With this website I want to go one step further and help you get better on your baking journey. I will provide you with recipes of my French and Comorian backgrounds, as well as offer pastry classes. My goal is to make sure you don’t make all the mistakes that I have made and progress quickly. I can easily be reached on Instagram, or contact me at sa**@th***********.com for business inquiries.

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