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You will find here pastry recipes and courses, all explained as simply as possible. I’m here to teach you my secrets and help you get better on your baking journey. Pastry is a game where you are the main player.

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Improve your baking skills! In addition to the recipes found on the blog, you can find more recipes in my free e-book.
If you want to master French pastry, enroll in one my live classes or in one of my masterclasses.


French pastry E-book all levels


French pastry E-book

  • A 24 page e-book with staples of French Pastry
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Live classes all levels


Live classes

  • An online group class to learn step by step a recipe and my tips.
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  • Use the coupon code BLACKPASTRY for 40% OFF until December 1st
  • Different masterclasses to learn step by step the secrets of French pastry
  • Each masterclass contains multiple video recipes
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$199/masterclassBrowse all masterclasses
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The pastry nerd concept

Baking, especially French desserts, can be super intimidating. If you are self-taught like me, you probably had your fair share of failures and crying sessions in the kitchen while trying to make a fancy cake. I made all the mistakes you can imagine while baking in the last eight years. But since I love baking so much, I persevered until today. Now that I sell my pastries at pop-up events and got featured on TV for my accomplishments, I teach other self-taught bakers how to get better! I want you to feel the joy of making a cake that resembles you. A cake that will delight your friends and family. All the recipes on my blog and in my courses are designed for you, home bakers. It does not matter what your level is, whether you are a beginner or a veteran baker, I am sure you will find tons of new information to get better at baking here!

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