Vanilla Millefeuille

A french classic to impress your friends and family in 2 hours!

This course focus on these basics: puff pastry and pastry cream

During the course, you will learn how to make:

  • A quick puff pastry;
  • A pastry cream

I will provide as many details as possible to make sure you master the art of cream puff by the end of the class! The class will be held online via Zoom with up to five students max to make sure I can efficiently guide you through all the steps of the pastry.  You can ask any question during the class and even ask for a follow up by e-mail. Prior to the course, you will receive the full recipe of this dessert along with a list of ingredients and tools required. The class will be recorded and a recording of the Zoom session will be available if you want to watch it again or if you missed the class for some reason.

Tools needed:

  • scale,
  • baking tray
  • scraper (optional) like this one
  • parchment paper,
  • hand mixer totally optionnal, (I recommend this one)
  • whisk,
  • piping bag (or large freezing bag),
  • piping tips (optional but great for the look, I highly recommend this set)
  • rolling pin (or a wine bottle).


All prices are in CAD.

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October 16 @ 10:00
10:00 — 12:10 (2h 10′)

Book Now – $50 (CAD)