Maple Pecan pie

Bonjour, Pecan pie is not something that can easily be found in France. In fact, I never had one before I moved to Canada. I have to say that this was a huge revelation, pecan pie is now one of my favorite pies and every time the holiday season approaches, I can’t wait to eat […]

New course: Basics of croissants for the home baker

If you like to bake on a regular basis, you might have attempted, or at least thought about, making croissants at home. The idea of making croissants can be stressful and overwhelming and for a good reason, there are a lot of steps involved in doing them! If you have already made croissants before, you […]

Parisian flan

Here is my recipe for a Parisian flan that is both creamy and with a crunchy bottom. It is not a difficult dessert to make and you could even skip the pie dough part and buy one yourself. What is a Parisian flan? The Parisian flan is a staple of French bakery. You will find […]


Brioche Thank you Life’s Simple Ingredient for sponsoring this post! One of the most emblematic and most liked breads in France is definitely Brioche! Once you get a taste of that very flavorful, buttery bread that melts in your mouth, you won’t forget it. 🙂 What I really love about brioche is its versatility; you […]

Macadamia and milk chocolate Yule log cake (Bûche de Noël)

Bûche de Noël (Yule log cake) is a staple for French people for Christmas. The traditional version of a yule log cake consists of a roll cake filled with ganache or crémeux (I shared a recipe for an easy traditional yule log cake last week here). But just like I said in that post, the […]

Fraisier (strawberry shortcake)

Fraisier (Fraise means strawberry) is probably the most traditional French strawberry cake. It’s eaten on almost any occasion, birthday, wedding…etc. It’s my personal favorite French cake because it has all the things I like the most:  fresh fruit and a looots of vanilla cream. In between all those strawberries and cream, two moist sponge cakes.  […]

Fig, vanilla and cardamom tart

It’s finally fig season again!  One of my favorite fruits! One year ago on Instagram, I had the opportunity to take over Matt Adlard’s stories for a day. For this occasion, I created a tart using seasonal fruit: fig, and a spice I have always loved: cardamom! Cardamom is not overwhelming here, its role is […]

Date, lemon and orange blossom cake.

Every year Muslims around the world celebrate Ramadan. During this Holy Month, it is tradition to break your fast with dates.  Because of this, I grew up eating dates of various sorts of origins for years. I have to say that I love them for their bold and complex flavor and versatility. But one thing […]

Lava cake

I did not know lava cake was so popular in North America before moving to Canada! I used to get it all the time if I saw it on the dessert menu in Paris. Believe it or not but it is super easy to make. it’s just 5 ingredients, 15 minutes of preparation and around […]