Parisian flan

Here is my recipe for a Parisian flan that is both creamy and with a crunchy bottom. It is not a difficult dessert to make and you could even skip the pie dough part and buy one yourself. What is a Parisian flan? The Parisian flan is a staple of French bakery. You will find […]

Macadamia and milk chocolate Yule log cake (Bûche de Noël)

Bûche de Noël (Yule log cake) is a staple for French people for Christmas. The traditional version of a yule log cake consists of a roll cake filled with ganache or crémeux (I shared a recipe for an easy traditional yule log cake last week here). But just like I said in that post, the […]

Hazelnut tart recipe

Fall is hazelnut season! They are usually harvested in September-October. This means now is the time when they are the freshest. I always loved hazelnuts since I was a kid. I mean, who does not like Nutella or Ferrero-Rocher? This tart goes 10 steps further and delivers a full hazelnut experience. It was invented by […]

French Praliné (caramelized nuts butter)

Praliné is my favorite spread ever. It’s very tasty, strong in nut flavor, plus it happens to be dairy-free and vegan! It’s not difficult to make praliné, it takes a bit of time but you will be fully rewarded by the fantastic aroma and flavor of these caramelized nuts. The only thing you need for […]

Super silky and simple Chocolate Tart

Chocolate tart is my favorite treat and is relatively easy to make. It’s just a tart shell with chocolate ganache! What I like about this treat is that it is easily transportable, you can customize the ganache to your own taste very easily by infusing the cream with vanilla, tonka or even chili pepper if […]

Fig, vanilla and cardamom tart

It’s finally fig season again!  One of my favorite fruits! One year ago on Instagram, I had the opportunity to take over Matt Adlard’s stories for a day. For this occasion, I created a tart using seasonal fruit: fig, and a spice I have always loved: cardamom! Cardamom is not overwhelming here, its role is […]