New course: Basics of croissants for the home baker

If you like to bake on a regular basis, you might have attempted, or at least thought about, making croissants at home. The idea of making croissants can be stressful and overwhelming and for a good reason, there are a lot of steps involved in doing them! If you have already made croissants before, you […]

Rhubarb, vanilla and corn tart.

Rhubarb is either loved or hated for its sharp tartness and acidity. I personally love the tartness and could it rhubarb jam all day! Because I know some people might not feel the same, in this dessert, I paired it with sweet vanilla whipped ganache and a corn sponge that will counteract this tartness. This […]

Corn and strawberry mousse cake

Summer is here, which means it’s time for red fruits ! For this recipe I decided to use strawberries but also an unusual ingredient that we rarely see in pastries: corn! I find that the slight tartness and vibrant taste of strawberries goes really well with the taste of corn. Corn can be found in […]

Vegan chocolate tart.

Recently, the chocolate brand Valrhona, famous among pastry chefs, gave me a challenge. They asked me to make a vegan version of a Mississippi mud pie with their new vegan milk chocolate: Amatika. A Mississippi mud pie consists of a pie crust, a brownie, a chocolate cream and whipped cream on top. The main challenge […]

Pistachio and vanilla mousse cake

It was my partner’s brithday recently and there are two things that she loves eating more than anything: Pistachio and Vanilla. I decided to surprise her with a cake that combines them and she loved it! This dessert is typically the kind of cake that you will never find in a pastry shop. Both pistachio […]

Apple turnover

Thank you, Life’s Simple Ingredient for sponsoring this post! There are many staples to French breakfast, the most famous being, obviously, the croissant. But there is another very popular one that is often underestimated in North America: “chausson aux pommes” or as it is called here, apple turnover. I personally prefer apple turnover to croissants. […]

100% chocolate cake

This post was sponsored by Valrhona USA. Today is national chocolate cake day, so why not treat yourself with a 100% chocolate cake? I decided to go with different textures and different chocolates. For textures, there will be a dark chocolate sponge that will melt in your mouth, a milk and hazelnut crémeux, and a […]

Macadamia and milk chocolate Yule log cake (Bûche de Noël)

Bûche de Noël (Yule log cake) is a staple for French people for Christmas. The traditional version of a yule log cake consists of a roll cake filled with ganache or crémeux (I shared a recipe for an easy traditional yule log cake last week here). But just like I said in that post, the […]

Hazelnut tart recipe

Fall is hazelnut season! They are usually harvested in September-October. This means now is the time when they are the freshest. I always loved hazelnuts since I was a kid. I mean, who does not like Nutella or Ferrero-Rocher? This tart goes 10 steps further and delivers a full hazelnut experience. It was invented by […]

Raspberry and coconut mousse cake

Before the summer ends, let’s make the most of it and use raspberries. This time I paired them with coconut! I grew up in a household where coconut was very important. Where my parents are from, the Comoros, you can find coconut trees everywhere. Comorians use coconut in a lot of dishes; sweet or savory. […]